Testimonials about Dr. Brody

Ross H. of Woodland Hills, September 20, 2016, writes on Yelp

I've known and been using Dr. Bruce Brody for 15 years. He is a amazing healer and an amazing caring human. He is the real deal. Plain and simple.


Craig S. of Los Angeles, July 26, 2016, writes on Yelp

I opted to have surgery on my ulnar nerve located within my left elbow region. The procedure was recommended by my neurologist and surgeon to alleviate the numbness and tingling in my left hand and fingers that existed for a period of 2 1/2 years. For (3) consecutive months following the surgery I returned to the surgical institute complaining there has been no change in the condition. I was told to allow it additional time to heal as it could take up to (18) months to see a significant improvement.

During my last visit to the orthopedic surgeon he suggested I see the neurologist again for a 2nd nerve conduction study to determine if there have been any changes since the surgery.

Feeling very frustrated at this point I performed a Google search for a chiropractic office near my residence. This is how I located Dr. Bruce.

I called Dr. Bruce and his initial conversation with me left me very impressed!

Dr. Bruce devoted a lot of time over the telephone asking me various questions pertaining to my symptoms. At this point I knew if a doctor was willing to speak to a new patient this long during an initial telephone intake then I wanted to make an appointment to discuss a treatment plan. I arrived at his office that same day due to the pain level I was experiencing. 

Dr. Bruce discussed a short term treatment plan for my symptoms and I decided to move forward with the recommendations without hesitation. 

I am pleased to report as of the date of this YELP review my pain level has gone from 10+ to zero discomfort. Now I am on a maintenance plan with Dr. Bruce which has allowed me to return to my exercise regimen and live a pain free life again!!!

Thank you for the "Personalized Chiropractic Care"



Carla S. of Winnetka, November 25,2015, writes on Yelp

My husband and myself have been coming to get our back adjusted for about 3 years. Bruce is amazing!!! Our schedule are so crazy, and we are always calling last minute!! Bruce manages to slip us in to his schedule some how..........thank you!Bruce. He is so friendly and professional. Have recommended to my friends and family.


Anonymous of Woodland Hills, December 31st, 2014, as one of our patients walked out he said, "Another Brody miracle." He walked into the office in a lot of pain and left with a smile!


Frank T of Woodland Hills, July 26, 2016 writes on Yelp

I have been going to see Doc Brody for about 2 years now. Every time I call to make an appointment the Dr and his staff always get me in even at the last second! Very professional and enjoyable to speak to as well!

The Doctor himself is an extremely courteous and kind man who goes out of his way to deal with individual problems. After I get an adjustment I feel so much better! His expertise in the chiropractic field is outstanding.

If you are looking for reasonable rates for outstanding service than highly suggest Dr Brody!

I was so grateful to find him after visiting countless chiropractors before. He is not going to sell you on anything you don't need and never ever pressures you to get anything,

Can't wait for my next appointment!


Haiden F of Woodland Hills, October 11, 2014, writes on Yelp

Dr Brody is absolutely amazing. I have taken my daughters (competitive gymnasts) to him, as well as myself. He is very intuitive and I believe has "healing hands" He doesn't just crack you and leave. He uses several modalities for treatment and is able to focus in on the problem and give it the attention and healing it needs.

With Dr. Brody, you get his 100% focus and attention; like how family doctors used to be. His office is comfortable and quiet. Most recently, I was amazed by this: my 12 year old daughter showed him that she can't point one foot as much as the other. He did a few adjustments and what do you know, she can point them the same amount now! She tends to be quiet around doctors, but he has a way of making you feel really comfortable and sort of hums quietly, which is soothing if you are afraid. My daughter can talk to him very openly now. I would highly recommend him for adults and kids, and especially for athletes who need special attention. You will get great treatment that is difficult to find elsewhere with the personal attention and care. Most physical therapy offices are busy and hard to get into. Although he is not a physical therapist, I have found his care for may daughters to be just as good.